The man behind the most famous & stylish spy

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Filming has officially wrapped on the latest 007 movie. Thus, in April 2020 the twenty fifth James Bond movie under the title No Time to Die will be released. The world’s most famous & stylish spy is back…

But who is the man behind 007. James Bond (007) was the brain child of British author Ian Fleming.

Born to a wealthy family in 1908, Fleming was an undisciplined student and often clashed with his teachers even when earning high marks for his schoolwork. His family connections landed him a job with Reuters News Agency. After that he tried at banking and stock broking with unsatisfactory results.

It wasn’t until World War 2 broke out that Fleming found his true calling. A love for espionage and combined with his support for all things British, provided purpose to his life. After the end of the war be found himself at loose ends, and took a job with a newspaper. He hated the drudgery that went with the position and often found himself dreaming of Jamaica.

After several vacations to the island he decided to move there permanently.

He built a home that named it “Goldeneye”

He realized that he always wanted to write a spy novel. So, based on his World War 2 experiences he completed his first book. “Casino Royale” having as main character a secret agent named James Bond – Fleming’s alter ego-.

The character was ahead of his time and bore more than a passing  resemblance to the author: sex, violence, gambling, alcohol, snobbery. For his part Fleming lived a hard life – smoking, drinking, consuming unhealthy food and chasing beautiful women.

He wrote 14 books. And that’s where it all started…

In 1962 the first Bond movie, Dr. No, was released. Since then James Bond becomes the longest franchise series in film history and rewarded Ian Fleming with everlasting life.

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