Timeless style for men

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We, at Original Vintage are commited to create ethically made handcrafted timeless eyewear for citizens of style. Within this frame we take inspiration and we love to communicate and collaborate with people and companies that we share common point of view and values.

Thus, we asked mr. L. Bassaras co-owner of Athens Fashion Agencies a leading apparel & shoe representatives & distributor office in Greece about his point of view on timeless style.


"Living in the time of fast fashion the only way to find the best of contemporary Italian elegance and style is to stay in classic fashion. Timeless and always chic, the last 10 - 15 years we see big companies blooming for one-two years and then dissapear or the sales decreases rapidly. In the other hand the companies who provide a classic way of fashion such as blazers, suits, shirts etc, stay in the philosophy of the company's history and the breeze of the fast fashion about continuous improvements of fabrics, forms and style. When we say about Italian classic fashion we mean suits, trousers, jackets and shirts. Every man needs to have at least two suits, one blue and one black, in a very good fabric such as Super 120, Super 130 etc. The most important thing in items like these are the way they made them, also the materials they use such as threads, the fabrics etc is always a good idea for the blend of items that can create a perfect style that suits your needs and your taste."

black suit blazers blue suit classic fashion fabrics Italian elegance suits Super 120 Super 130

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