Negroni - the cocktail you need to have

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The city is Florence. The year is 1919. Count Camilo Negroni asked the bartender of Caffe Giacoja to top up his regular drink, Bitter and Vermouth, with gin. At that moment a new cocktail was born bearing the noble man’s name.

One century after, Negroni is known as the bartender’s off duty cocktail of choice, as the hottest drink choice for the discerning drinker.

Negroni has all the makings of a true classic combining Campari,  Vermouth, Gin and a slice of orange.

But, what makes the perfect Negroni? In a word - simplicity. In order to make the perfect Negroni you will need a low glass, big ice cubes, 25 cl. of gin, 25 cl. of Campari, 25 cl. of sweet Vermouth and a slice of orange (we suggest blood orange). Pour the booze over the ice. You add the slice of orange and you stir with a sip-stick.

Enjoy …responsibly 

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