Cafe Racers Lifestyle

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Born in the late 50’s in London, Britain.
The most influential motorcycle movement the world has ever seen.

Café Racers is about the rider and the machine. Is about the desire for speed and the love for rock & roll.

The café Racer is a bike of a casual coolness, definitely rebellious, but not contrived. Motorcycles were having a glory period. There were no speed limits and the motorcycles were stripped back in a bid for speed and agility.

The challenge for the riders to reach 100 mph and to race from one café to predetermined point and back to the café before a single song could play on the jukebox.

The café Racers sub-culture has created a separate look and identity with modern café Racers taking style elements from American Greasers, British Rockers, 70s bikers and modern motorcycle riders to create a global style of their own.

Inspired by the Café Racer lifestyle we, at Original Vintage, created a homonymous limited addition capsule sunglasses collection.

Enjoy it…

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