Music is the answer

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Some call it Magic.

An unbreakable Force that builds up from deep within, creates a fire an earthquake a love a whole new world.
It empowers you. It disappears any fear. With it by your side you are absolutely Free.
It lets you Express all emotions... good, sad, true, happy, wild, pure.
It makes you close your eyes and then in an instant moment you can easily and always beautyfully lose and find yourself at the same time.
Mostly you find Yourself.
It helps you sense your Heart, develop as a Human being.
It leads you to experience Happiness.
It makes you feel Love. It makes you understand you are Love.

Its name is Music.

Magic freedom power expression happiness a huge part of my existence and being Love, thats what music is to me.

As a child music amazed me.I started listening to it from my sisters cd’s listening to my mother and sister enjoying to sing with their nice voices searching my fathers vinyl records, and thinking how nice it is he liked music.i should to.I should sing as well.I loved being on stage performing and dancing.In every school play I participated, in every chance I was there singing and dancing.Music still amazes me and always will.

Life goes round cause of music and communicates people all over the world.A unique and precious mean of communication that it any language it may be expressed each and every single person that has an open heart an open mind  and open sparkling eyes feels the same rhythm sings along dances to it smiles and feels the happiness.

I started singing at a very young age and knew that I wanted to be a singer, that I was blessed with a talent i would be ungrateful to nature not to use to communicate with others to understand my self deeply to express my emotions in a wonderful way and to evolve.As I said its all the above for me.

I started live gigs collaborating with other artists I admire and I’m a professional but always true to myself singer 8 years now.Collaborations tours with my musicians as a main singer of a band also as a supporting act for other artists tv shows and interviews have come along and I enjoy each moment. A few years ago I started writing music…I couldn’t imagine that would ever happen but it did.With the first good amount of money I earned I bought my piano.During days melodies come at my mind melodies and music ideas pass through my head different rhythms and rimes, at school at work in the metro station walking back home walking my dog at the part talking with my man looking in his eyes holding his warm hand hearing his heart beat wandering around though my hometowns streets communicating and talking with my family my mother my sister, listening to their story feeling their love seeing people laughing dreaming staring at people and trying to understand their situation some feeling empty and miserable some embracing life enjoying each moment and dancing to its music.So one of these days I sat at my piano and started to find the notes I was singing and magically my first songs were created. My first demo album combined by 4 songs and a remix and know I have composed my first full album “Lifted”.9 songs I absolutely am proud of.The title is Lifted because of the main emotion it creates. I feel that it tells a story mainly around Love between humans in general or else a boy and a girl a couple and makes them feel nice and Lifted.They will laugh they will cry they feel and they love each other with no ego.They are Gifted so they get “Lifted”. You can listen to it dance to it sing along and sense it as you want.Thats what music is all about.Its created by some of us but it belongs to everybody.

After all , music is the answer!

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