Immortal Aristocratic Motorcycles

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In September 2013 the hit film “Rush” took to our screens and for some it was a reminder of a bygone era of Formula 1 rivalry, between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. For others, it was an introduction to a time in F1’s history when flamboyance and entertainment was equal to raw man and machine racing. The early part of Hunt’s career was influenced by Lord Hesketh and it was the famous white-blue-red car numbered 24 that won the Dutch Grand Prix in 1975.

After an exit from the Formula 1, Lord Hesketh aspired to revive the British motorcycle industry. In 1980 he launched Hesketh Motorcycles. After two years of intense development, the V1000 was announced. For the era, it was a handsome machine with good specifications. For several reasons production remained in very low figures but over the past 30 years under several ownership the same motorcycle was produced, more or less unchanged.

Inspired by the eccentric but immortal Hesketh Motorcycle we, at Original Vintage, created a special, limited, edition series of sunglasses under the title The Riders Editions.

Further series of Riders Editions will follow.

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