A story of vintage sunglasses and optical frames

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A warm "thank you" for your interest in our brand.

We developed the Original Vintage collection to meet the expectations of those who demand more from eyewear.

A few years ago, I was wondering through my father’s vintage sunglasses and optical frames warehouse. Fascinated by their quality and design, an idea captured my thoughts: Bringing them back to life.

Time for Original Vintage began in 2012 when we embarked on a journey to create handcrafted reborn vintage sunglasses with modern, high-tech sun lenses.

We select and source old stock frames inventory form the 70’s and 80’s which were never worn or sold. All vintage sunglasses that are part of our reborn collection are true limited offerings made in their era - not reproductions.

We strongly believe that quality, creativity, and individuality must be cherished and remembered. In Original Vintage Eyewear, the vintage charm and character of high "made in Europe" quality meets 21st-century lens technology and after sales service support.

Inspired by the timeless aesthetics of a previous era and the urban landscape, Original Vintage sunglasses and optical frames are available in limited numbers and meet the highest quality standards.

Our aim is to reborn vintage sunglasses with taste. Taste, whether in art, design or behavior, lies above all in the exercise of constraint, in concision, in holding back. In this way, taste is so close to style.

Stay tuned as we occasionally share random thoughts on taste and style.

I hope you enjoy

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